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Tips to revive a dead TouchPad


No battery iconGemboel Technology - You grab your TouchPad, press the power button, and nothing happens. It appears to be completely dead. You assume that maybe it's just a dead battery and place it on a Touchstone or plug it in, but you don't even get the "dead battery" picture that typically appears. Before you throw the TouchPad across the room in anger, here are a few tips that you can try to revive a dead TouchPad first. Of course, none of these are guaranteed to work, but give them a shot.

  • Charge the device for a few hours. We have seen completely drained TouchPads that were unresponsive for almost 8 hours before showing the dead battery screen and finally the HP logo. So just be patient
  • While the tip above may work using either a Touchstone or the microUSB AC adapter, some times only the direct plug works. So be on the safe side and directly plug in your device.
  • And if that doesn't work, try different chargers or power outlets to make sure that a bad plug or outlet isn't the issue.
  • If still unresponsive, you can try to initiate a hardware reboot by pressing the device's home button and power button together for about 20-30 seconds.  While you can try this first if you would like, we would recommend doing this while the TouchPad is plugged in and charged for a few hours to ensure there is at least a little juice in the battery.
  • Finally, if by slim chance you are still within your one year of purchase or have an extended warranty, you can also give HP support a call and see if you are still under warranty and see if they can fix or replate it.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options that you have if your TouchPad is totally unresponsive. Hopefully one of these steps will fix your issue, but your mileage may vary. - Gemboel Technology

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Microsoft Surface Tip: Internet Explorer Favorites


Pin button on Surface IE 10Gemboel Technology - The Microsoft Surface comes pre-loaded with Internet Explorer 10 and the one thing that was odd (or at least for me) was the lack of an obvious way to save a website as a favorite.  I kept looking for a 'star" button to add sites to my favorites list.

The process of adding a website as a favorite ended up being rather simple. Just tap on the "pin" button and you'll find two options. First to pin the site to your Start Screen for easy access and second, to add the site as a favorite.

To access your favorites, just tap on the URL field to pull up a tile list listing of frequently visited sites as well as your favorites. - Gemboel Technology

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How To Install .deb Files On Your iPhone or iPod Touch


Installing . deb filesGemboel Technology - One of the most convenient aspects of using a jailbroken iPhone or other iOS device is that you can try several different tools and applications that you simply would not be able to on a “normal” device. Usually, most of these apps and tools are installed via Cydia, the hub that serves as package installer for jailbroken iOS devices. However, sometimes using Cydia can be extremely slow and cumbersome.

What not many users know though is that you can install jailbreak apps and tools manually right from your iPhone using .deb files without ever opening Cydia.

To do it, you will need:

  • A jailbroken iPhone or other iOS device
  • The iFile application installed on your jailbroken iPhone. If you don’t have it, just search for it on Cydia on your iPhone and install it.


Note: The iFile application allows you to manage the files of your iPhone “behind the scenes”. It works like the Finder for the Mac or like Windows Explorer for Windows PCs.

Installing .deb Files on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Step 1: From Safari on your jailbroken iPhone, look for a website where you can download .deb files from. There are plenty of them, like this one, so finding the app or tool you need won’t be a problem. Google is your friend.

Database of .deb files

Step 2: Once you find the .deb file you want, download it and tap on the Open in “iFile” button that appears at the top of the screen.

Open .deb file with iFile

Step 3: On the next screen, tap on Installer to install the .deb file.

Installing the .deb files

You are all set! In some cases, you might need to restart your iPhone or iOS device for your new app or tool to show up.

In addition to the convenience they offer, . deb files can also be easily uninstalled right from Cydia since these installed apps behave like any others that you might have downloaded and installed via Cydia. Even better: You can also use Cydia to check for any updates on those apps.

Do you prefer using Cydia or .deb files on your jailbroken iPhone? Lets us know in the comments. - Gemboel Technology

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How To Defragment Kaspersky Security Files


Gemboel Technology - Users of Kaspersky security products are unable to defragment Kaspersky files using a utility like Defraggler.

Kaspersky consists of dozens of files (including large ones of 150MB+) which can become highly fragmented over time as the product is updated daily.

Defraggler is our ‘go to’ defragmenter tool (the integrated Windows defragmenter tool is very basic and doesn’t do as good a job).

However, it is unable to defragment the files of our preferred security solution, Kaspersky Internet Security – and we expect this issue applies equally to other Kaspersky products such as Antivirus and Pure too.

Why Can’t Defraggler Defragment Kaspersky Security Files?

Defragmenting rearranges the scattered fragments of a file to occupy storage locations next to each other, reducing the time it takes to read the whole file. However, Kaspersky includes a Self-Defense setting which blocks outside attempts to modify its files, therefore preventing defrag utilities from moving them around.

This setting is great for security as it prevents malware from deleting or modifying Kaspersky – but it also prevents defragmentation…

How To Defragment Kaspersky Security Files

The solution is to temporarily turn off some protection so that Kaspersky files can then be defragmented fully.

There are 2 simple ways to do this:

Via Kaspersky Settings (examples given are for KIS 2013)

1. For best security, disable your internet (or LAN network) connection first.

2. Right click the Kaspersky icon in the system tray and select ‘Settings’ to open the Settings window.

3. Click the Shield icon to enter the Protection Center panel

4. Click the ‘General Settings’ tab and then UN-tick the ‘Enable protection’ setting as shown below:


5. Click ‘Apply’ – a warning message appears that Protection is now disabled

6. Click the Box icon to enter the Advanced Settings panel

7. Click the ‘Self-Defense’ tab and then UN-tick the ‘Enable Self-Defense’ setting as shown below:


8. Click ‘Apply’ – a warning message appears that Self-Defense is now disabled

Now run Defraggler and it should be able to defragment all of Kaspersky’s files.

After defragmentation is complete, repeat steps 2 to 8 but this time Tick the box in steps 4 and 7 to restore Protection and Self-defense – then enable your internet (or LAN) connection again.

Via Safe Mode

Start up in standard Safe Mode i.e. without Networking (to ensure that your internet (or LAN network) is disabled.

Kaspersky Protection and Self-Defense are not enabled in Safe Mode – so you can just run Defraggler and it should defragment Kaspersky files without problems.

After defragmentation is complete, restart the computer into normal Windows.

Technical Notes (probably for geeks only)

To defragment Kaspersky security files you actually only need to disable Self-Defense. However, there is a good reason for disabling Protection as well – given in a Kaspersky troubleshooting tip: “Defragmentation programs may change internal file attributes during the work and monitor-programs (including anti-virus programs) start scanning them for changes” – this can result in freezes or delays.

Kaspersky therefore recommend that you switch off antivirus monitoring (i.e. Protection) during operations such as defragmenting.

Alternative – we have seen suggestions in Defraggler forums that Defraggler could be added as an exclusion in Kaspersky’s Trusted Application list – by setting the ‘Do not monitor application activity’ option.

However, this is harder to do and we don’t recommend it because it would permanently exclude Defraggler from Proactive Defense monitoring by Kaspersky of any activity, suspicious or otherwise, that it might ever perform. Granting such privileges to a third party program is just not good security.


It is quite easy to bypass the restrictions and defragment Kaspersky security files.

Whilst this is unlikely to lead to a noticeable performance improvement, it does give a feeling of satisfaction to see that there are no longer any files that are fragmented. - Gemboel Technology

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How do you play Blu-rays on an older model HDTV?


Gemboel Technology - You need is an old Blu-ray player to work with an old HDTV. But don't worry; it doesn't have to be that old. It just has to be old enough to have component video outputs. As recently as two years ago, that was pretty much all Blu-ray players.

Component video is an analog, high-definition video connection that pre-dates HDMI. It uses three old-fashioned RCA connectors--one for each primary color (red, green, and blue). It's theoretically capable of carrying a 1080p video, but can only do 1080i with Blu-rays, because the Blu-ray standard's copy protection doesn't support an analog connection.

You can still buy some of these older models. Here are three Internet-streaming, 2010-model Blu-ray players, all with component output, that you can still buy online--at least on eBay. The links are to my reviews:

  1. Samsung BD-C6500
  2. Sony BDP-S570
  3. Insignia NS-WBRDVD2

How well does this work? Before writing this article, I unplugged my Blu-ray player's HDMI connection, and connected it to my HDTV via component. It worked fine, and gave me a 1080i image.

And if your HDTV is too old to have HDMI, it probably doesn't offer 1080p, anyway, so the connection won't actually lose you anything.

Except audio.

Those three component cables only carry a video signal. You'll need another two RCA cables for the audio connection, which will be two-track analog stereo--all Blu-ray players can convert 5.1 and 7.1 soundtracks to two-track. Since your TV almost certainly has only two speakers, you can't do better, anyway.

Unless, of course, you have a separate audio system with 5.1 support and digital input. If this is the case, you can connect the Blu-ray player to that receiver via either HDMI or optical. The optical cannot give you the full power of the best Blu-ray soundtracks, but it will give you sound as good as you'd get from a DVD, and as good as you'd get in a movie theater that still uses film. - Gemboel Technology

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